Mouse Double-Clicker features:

This is a simulation tool. However, it is banned in some environments such as games industry. Developers want that all players would be equal, but using this tool gives you a good advantage. For example, you need to do an action, which requires you to click your mouse hundreds of times. Usually, normal users do that, because it is a purpose of the game. Especially, if you need to click on something to make an action and get experience. Some smarter people, or in other words – bad people, use this tool to achieve that without clicking a mouse. By doing that, you would save your mouse to last longer and could be drinking a coffee during that time, instead of clicking it.

Although, I don’t recommend doing that, because playing is for fun, remember? Don’t cheat on others, it’s bad not even for them, but for you as well. My suggestion would be to play fair and have some fun, while doing that. However, if you are a poor person and want to save your mouse, download it easily from the link below.

This mouse is “humanly programmed”. That means it is impossible to catch it with other computer, except doing the internal scan. If you don’t know what the internal scan is, don’t try to use it. I am not responsible for any circumstances that could arise of using it. Use it at your own responsibility.

P.S. most of the clickers are for clicking, but this one is for double-clicking. That means it double-clicks the left mouse button when the time of interval elapses. By the way, if you want to investigate more, you can dig into the source code.


Download Mouse Clicker.jar

Download Source Code