Ace of Space is a game similar to a game also known as Asteroids. It is a fast-paced death-match game in cosmos environment. The point of the game is to destroy your opponent. But be careful of other floating objects as well. They may hurt you more than your enemy. The features of this game are:

At the start of every round there is a possibility to turn on/off the environment features to change the playing experience. By changing just one variable the player gets a new play-through experience. There are many variables to play with. Therefore, the game will not become a pattern for your play for a long time.

Just take your friend and dual match each other on the same computer. Choose the pregame rules and you’re good to go. Collect weapons, if you want to destroy your opponent faster. Collect abilities, if you want to survive longer. Evade environment, or use it as a weapon to destroy your opponent. The arena is yours.

The gravity in the cosmos is different from Earth. Therefore, whenever you start moving forward, you are unlikely to stop by friction. Use your engine power, maneuver and show your friend that you are better drifter than he (she) is.

Lead Programmer