This game is created by me and a few artists during the Horror Game Jam for The Other. The brief of this project was to create a scary game with simple story and a short puzzle. The idea of this game is to move out off or through the labyrinth. The game consists of features such as:

The storytelling is expressed using a few sentences in the start of the game. It is also carefully shown in the background of the maze as well. Each symbol shows you the way out of the labyrinth. By following them, player can get out of this agony.

To add more intension to the game, the player can’t see the whole map. There are only three matches in the matchbox and each time you hit an obstacle, your match dies. The radius of the lit area shrinks each time you lose your match. Be careful!

The fire of the match is designed to feel real. This effect is achieved by the help of particles.┬áThe most affecting experience is felt through sound. The burning fire, the tinker’s foot steps, each obstacle you hit – immerses you into the frightful mood.

Instructions – you move your fire using the mouse. Left click to anchor the mouse to the screen. Escape – to free the mouse. Good luck!






You can play the game here.