Baby Don’t Hearse Me is a game with simple game-flow and easy to grasp controls. It could be compared to Angry Birds, but instead of destroying something, you have to save it. The game has been made during MolyJam 2013. The game is written with MonoGame and can be easily ported to Android and iOS, but due to lack of “mobile reasons” was written for PC. The inspiration for the game was the quote:

“You know what this industry’s like, as soon as there is the scent of death, everyone jumps on the hearse.” – Peter Molyneux

Baby Don't Hearse Me

The features of the game:

Short introduction:

What is the ultimate irony? A fire at a fire-station? A lactose-intolerant dairy farmer? The fact that not one of the examples in Alanis Morissette’s hit song “Ironic” are actually ironic? How about a hearse driver, who is late to a funeral, causing mayhem and destruction in a series of hit-and-run fatalities?

Don’t be that guy!

Flick pedestrians on to your hearse to save them! Hit too many and it’s game over as you run out of make-shift space for the coffins! Win when you save enough! Do your best to stop singing “Baby don’t hearse me” no more!


Press left mouse button, drag it up and release it to throw a person into the air. Try to land it onto the vehicle’s roof to save it.




Download Baby Don’t Hearse Me game

View Source Code of the prototype